Symposium on the State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession – Columbus, Ohio

Join the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession (“IILP”) in Columbus!

IILP is pleased to be collaborating with OhioHealth and its General Counsel, Earl J. Barnes, II, to present a Symposium on the State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession to Columbus, Ohio on August 2nd! Please join us for a unique and thought-provoking examination of current diversity and inclusion issues and challenges within our profession!

Among the topics that will be under discussion:

Diversity in Law Schools: What are the demographics telling us about the future of diversity among lawyers in the future?

Mentoring: There has been plenty of discussion about the value of mentoring but what kind of mentoring do diverse law students really need and what types of programs are actually working?

The “Call to Action” Ten Years Later: It’s been over a decade since a number of corporate general counsel signed the “Call to Action.” What effect did it really have on the retention of women and racial minorities by law firms?

Perspectives on Lawyering in a Non-Native Language: Brexit aside, globalization is a growing reality for law firms and their corporate clients. One development is that for a growing number of American lawyers, English is not their native language.  What do firms and corporate clients need to do to enhance the success of non-native language speakers in their offices in the US and around the world?

Lawyers Who are Transgender Women of Color: It can be quite a challenge to be a woman lawyer or a lawyer of color, or a lawyer who is a woman of color. Does being a lawyer who is a transgender woman of color compound these challenges? How are we handling the intersectionality of diversity?

Legal Profession Diversity and Inclusion in Mid-Size Cities: Cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, and many more offer lawyers challenging legal work in an environment that may bring an improved quality of life. But the legal profession in these mid-size cities also faces some different diversity and inclusion challenges than those in major metropolitan areas. What are the challenges particular to the legal profession in mid-size cities as well as different opportunities to show leadership?

What Works and What Doesn’t? What are the diversity and inclusion efforts that really work – for law firms, corporate law departments, and bar associations – and which don’t? Is it time to retire some longtime strategies? What are the new efforts that show promise?

Join Us! 
The Symposium will take place at the Center for Medical Education + Innovation at Riverside Methodist Hospital at 3535 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH, from 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM, with a networking reception to follow. Early bird registration is $25.00. Regular registration is $50 or, for sole practitioners, government, public sector, or not-for-profit lawyers, $25. No charge for law students or unemployed lawyers. To register or for more information, visit: and click on Calendar/Events.